Specialized Restroom Care
No-Touch Restroom Hygiene Program

Is your restroom care costing you money?

LCS Janitorial Service Restroom Hygiene Program offers much more than just an aesthetically clean restroom! Using our "No-Touch" cleaning technology, we sanitize restrooms with a technologically advanced cleaning system scientifically proven to be 60 times more effective at reducing illness-causing germs than conventional cleaning methods.

How does it work?

LCS Janitorial uses the Kiavac System "No-Touch" system. The advanced science-based cleaning system featuring a powerful trio of chemical injection, a pressure washer and a high-powered wet vac. Utilizing this advanced system, LCS reduces dirt, grime and bio-pollutants 300% faster than traditional methods of restroom cleaning.

Why should I consider this service?

Traditional cleaning tools, such as string mops and rags, do a poor job of removing dirt, bacteria and other contaminants. Our Restroom Hygiene Cleaning Service is faster and more effective at thoroughly removing bio-pollutants to reduce the risk of illness and eliminate odors.

Improve Customer Loyalty!

Studies show that unsanitary restrooms will drive 30% of customers away. We can ensure that your customers and employees have a pleasant restroom experience. Our Restroom Hygiene Cleaning Service leaves restrooms clean, deodorized and sanitized.

Reduce Absenteeism

Improper cleaning promotes workplace sickness, costing American businesses $150 billion a year in lost productivity. Did you know that one employee out sick costs an employer up to $500 per illness? By reducing and removing illness-causing bacteria and germs with our Restroom Hygiene Cleaning Service, your restroom has a reduced risk of making your employees sick.

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