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Office and Building Cleaning Services for Your Company

From the day we are awarded the contract, LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc sets the tone for the type of relationship we will have with your company. Our superior internal organization and external supervisory network ensures we have all of the necessary information at our fingertips. Our employees are prepared with all the necessary knowledge and alternatives for the service we will provide to you.

  Time Management System

Quality Control Procedures

The efficiency in which LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc operates depends largely on how effectively we manage our personnel. Effective personnel administration begins with programs that recruit employees for jobs compatible with their abilities; this encourages the development of these employees. LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc strives to provide an atmosphere for motivation so that each employee will contribute his/ her maximum performance to the team effort. This is accomplished by:

  • Planning the work so that janitorial personnel understand, perform and meet the work objectives
  • Organizing so that janitorial personnel function effectively and efficiently as a team to accomplish all contract requirements
  • Following up and inspecting to be certain that the results conform to the plan

Custodial Areas and Work Assignments

When LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc services a facility, each work area will be assigned a supervisor. This supervisor will ultimately be held responsible and for ensuring all janitorial services/ related support tasks are completed on time and to the standards expected.

Each employee will be assigned to a specific area for the accomplishment of all daily cleaning. An area is defined as the maximum amount of space a single employee can effectively clean during one shift. The assignment of work will take place when we have had a chance to review the facility in detail and discuss our proposed approach with our customer.

Managing the Assigned Work

LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc has on-site supervisors which are responsible for monitoring the cleaning of offices and other areas to be cleaned. Supervisors begin each shift with a quick briefing to each cleaner for assignments to be performed on that day. Supervisors will also conduct a regular spot check of the daily assignments to ensure superior customer service. Accurate planning and assignment scheduling are crucial factors in controlling workloads and maximizing efficiency of the work performed. Commercial Building and Office Cleaning Services

LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc believes in providing our customers with superior customer service and expertise in many facets of building maintenance services. These services include: commercial, retail, governmental, financial, medical, industrial, manufacturing/ production, and educational.


LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc is committed to delivering the specified services our customers are looking for, listening closely to their expectations, taking a pro-active approach in defining their needs, and building the best partnering relationship possible. We are also committed to acting with honesty and integrity at all times in all aspects of our business, to being professional in doing our job, and to delivering a consistent, high level quality of work.

  Executive Summary


Integrity - Always act fairly, ethically and honestly in dealing with our employees, customers and vendors in all situations. Treat people how you want to be treated.

Superior Customer Service - LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc proactively interacts with our customers on-site so that we can anticipate and understand their needs. A happy client is a long term client.

Corporate Vision - LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc will be recognized as "the best" janitorial service and supply provider by all Customers.


Employee training and development begin at the onset of the contract. Each employee will be trained individually to meet your specified need. A computerized system keeps track of our employees when clocking in or out, and a no show alert is given to the supervisor when they have not clocked in. The cleaning accounts are checked frequently and at random so employees do not expect us.

  Time Management System


LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc provides janitorial services to our clients in a variety of ways. Our services are offered as part of a package - including janitorial services & supplies. We will customize a program individually for you and your needs.

LCS Employee Training Program for Janitorial Services

  Career Opportunities at LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc.

The LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc Training Program for Employees will be much more in depth and hands on than any other cleaning contractor. The Operations Manager and Account Supervisors will be responsible for training all employees to meet your specific needs. Our company's 30 years of experience in janitorial service have proven time and again, that our philosophy of training employees "the right way" the first time saves our company time, money and considerably increases customer satisfaction. Employee turnover ends up costing other janitorial service company's in the long run, because of additional expenses associated with retraining new employees.

Training our employees "the right way" assures each employee and supervisor understands and accepts each and every aspect of their specialized duty for the customer. LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc assigns a specific duty for each employee to perform within a facility such as dusting, bathroom cleaning, trash removal and wet mopping. The Operations Manager and Account Supervisors spend time daily making sure the cleaners have understood and are performing every aspect of their duties. Our comprehensive planning and management systems provide everything required to maintain all facility types at peak efficiency and in the most cost effective manner. Our janitorial service plan will be further refined, before actual implementation by our Corporate Management Staff, On-site Account Supervisor and the Account Cleaner. All janitorial service procedures will be checked to ensure that they coincide with the facility requirements.

One of the most important factors in LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc employee training is chemical usage. The Operations Manager and Account Manager will spend a considerable amount of time with each individual employee to instruct and review the proper situation to use each chemical. All chemicals used by LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc are OSHA Approved and their Material Safety Data Sheets are readily available in the janitor closet occupied by our company. Our Operations Manager has developed an interactive approach to teach proper supply safety procedures with each type of chemical used. The interactive approach assures each employee is absorbing this vital information and also understands the proper usage of each chemical LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc places in the janitor's closet.

The LCS Janitorial Service & Supply Inc Training Program for Employees is divided into two categories. Category 1: tasks that are to be performed as part of a daily routine and Category 2: tasks that are to be performed on a recurrent basis.

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